About Us

Buyer’s Club is a real estate investors’ club open to anyone interested in real estate investing in the Saint Louis metro area.  It is run by Rachel Mendoza and Bryan Schroeder.  Rachel and Bryan are both active real estate investors who wholesale, rehab, and have a portfolio of rental properties. 

We believe it is easier to be successful as a real estate investor if you engage with a community of like-minded people such as Buyer’s Club.  If you plug into Buyer’s Club, you will be surrounded by people who are encouraging, helpful, and a tremendous resource when you need it.  Everyone on the investing journey is going to have good days and challenging days.  It’s nice to celebrate wins with people who understand what goes into those wins.  Likewise, when you have a challenge, you’ve got someone in your community you can reach out to who may have been through something similar. They can help guide you in finding a way to solve that challenge.

Buyer’s Club has four ways we can help you in your real estate investing journey.  Plug in as often as you can in the places that make the most sense to you.  These include:

    1. Buyer’s Club Meetup
      A monthly in-person meetup that includes great networking, excellent speakers, food, drinks, and just a great time.  It starts at 6 pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

    1. Buyer’s Club Facebook Group
      An excellent place to celebrate wins and address challenges any day of the month.

    1. Buyer’s Live
      A one-hour online Livestream that airs every Wednesday at noon.  This is a great way to further plug into the network and continue your education.  Each call is different and can include things like case studies on recent deals, experts on key topics, as well as personal opportunities to celebrate wins and brainstorm about challenges you may be having.

    1. Buyer’s Club Vendor Team
      Every successful real estate investor has built a team.  If you are just starting and you need help finding your contractors, insurance guy, real estate agent, etc., this is the place.  If you are experienced and just need to fill a few holes, this is also the place. 

We look forward to being a resource for you on your investing journey!

Rachel & Bryan