Buyer's Club Vendor Team

Real estate investing is a relationship business. Long-term success is driven by building a great team!

Build your team by searching or picking a vendor from a category below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer’s Club has vetted all members of the Vendor Team as follows:

  1. Each member of the vendor team has a history of working with real estate investors.
  2. Each member of the vendor team has submitted at least three references from members of the Buyer’s Club community.
  3. Each member of the vendor team has met with Bryan or Rachel in person.
  4. There is a review process on the Buyer’s Club website page for members to review. Please check out these reviews and check your own references for your own due diligence.

Disclaimer:  Although Buyer’s Club has vetted each Vendor Team member with the above criteria, it does not guarantee anyone’s work. Do your own due diligence before hiring anyone on the Buyer’s Club Vendor Team. 

Real estate investing is a relationship business.  To have long term success you must build your team.  Each investor has unique values and their own way of doing things, and therefore they will tend to create a team that fits their culture.

We at Buyer’s Club have created a Vendor Team that we use and appreciate.  You may use everyone on the team or pick and choose which vendors you resonate with and which ones you don’t.  The following list of team members includes those that every investor is likely to need at some point in their career:

  • Title Company
  • Lender (Short term financing, long term financing)
  • Insurance (for flips and rentals)
  • Property Manager
  • Photographer
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Accountant
  • Attorney
  • Staging Company
  • Cabinet Company
  • Flooring Company
  • Mindset Coach
  • Rehabbing Coach
  • Contractors (Plumber, painter, roofer, handyman, siding, tree removal, landscaper, etc.)

We believe the best way to build a team is to get referrals from other quality investors, which is exactly how the Buyer’s Club Vendor Team was built.  When you need a good referral for one of your projects, give them a try.  Be sure to check in regularly to see that the work is going well. 

When that project is complete check in with yourself and ask, “Did they do an excellent job at a fair price?”  If the answer is yes, then make them a regular member on your own Vendor Team.  If not, try someone else on your next project. 

Over time, as you build a quality team that fits your own culture, real estate investing will become easier and more fun.

Yes.  Try out each of the vendors on the Buyer’s Club Vendor Team as you have different needs.  Also, be sure to give reviews on the Buyer’s Club website for each vendor you use.  This helps other Buyer’s Club members decide when and how to use each vendor on the vendor team.

If you already have some excellent vendors you use regularly, keep using them.  At some point you may need to change a vendor or just try someone new.  That’s the time to look on the Buyer’s Club Vendor Team page for a great new referral.

Yes, here’s a link to view the full list of vendors.  View Full List