August 2022 – How Anyone Can Create Wealth & Become Financially Free #FBRRRS

Sam Primm is about as normal as it gets. He was born and raised here in St. Louis. His Dad was an Engineer and his Mom was a Teacher. He went to school and got a job after college. Pretty normal right?!?! However, his story is proof that normal people can create wealth… fast…

About 7 years ago he discovered a method to buy rental properties without using any of his own money, the BRRRR Method! In the past several years he and Lucas Walls have bought $40 Million in rental properties, here in St. Louis, without using any of their own money by using that method.

Sam has tweaked the BRRRR Method and has created the FBRRRS Method from everything they have learned over the past several years. Come on out this month and Sam is going to show you how to create foundational building blocks that you can use to create financial freedom through investing in real estate without using any of your own money… just like he did! After this month you will me motivated and have an action plan to go out and Control Your Future!

Haves and Wants – August 2022

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