Unlocking the Secrets of Mid Term Rentals with a Panel of Experts

How do I get a BRRRR deal to cash flow in today’s environment? That question comes up a lot lately, so this month we are going to have a panel of experts that are doing exactly that. They are continuing to build their rental portfolios while doing BRRRR deals in 2023.

With values of houses rising so quickly over the past several years, coupled with interest rates rising at the fastest pace in history, their strategy has shifted to the “mid-term” rental.

What’s a mid-term rental, you ask? Typically it’s a rental agreement between a property owner and a tenant that lasts for more than a month but less than a year.

What kind of tenants need that type of rental? Most often it’s traveling nurses.

Whether the traveling nurse trend was fueled by covid or was about to happen anyway, there are now tons of traveling nurses! They’re in need of nice places to stay, in a safe area, close to hospitals.

Landlords to the rescue! When there is a need for housing, landlords figure out how to fill the need.

Traveling nurses aren’t the only group looking for mid-term rentals. Insurance companies, college professors, digital nomads, and other business professionals have a similar need. All these people are willing to pay above average rents to be able to stay in a nice furnished house for several months and then move on.

Come out to the club on July 20th and learn from our experts Keola Boak, Kevin Hubbs, and Betty Dobson, how they are crushing it in the mid-term rental space!